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"I jumped into this 1:1 coaching with Pam and it’s applicable in your life across the board. I think rarely do we ever have this clarity about ourselves. This is an amazing opportunity for life… as a parent, wife, worker… so we don’t self-sabotage our future. I just finished my 4th weekly coaching call today and I can’t say enough about Pam! Her calm demeanor and ease of conversation takes that intimidation factor completely away. I am learning so much about myself, my goals and my strengths; while verbalizing and honing in on my fears and struggles. I look forward to my weekly calls and actually find myself quoting a “Pam-ism” to others! I can’t recommend this beautiful lady enough ❤️"

Lindsey from California
Reality TV Star, Personal Trainer, and Le Cordon Bleu Trained Chef

"Pam has turned my life around and is helping me realize exactly what is holding me back. She has had me dig deep, answer some tough questions, and has really challenged me to become the best version of myself! She is a natural born coach and makes you feel at ease. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my life and a lot of people would’ve given up if they were in my shoes. She has made me tackle my fears head on and challenged me to the next level. I never really wrote my goals in life down. I’ve always been a free spirit and easy going. I now have a clear vision of what my goals are, of what has been holding me back and where I am going! I highly recommend Pam to anyone who is looking for a coach that will challenge you, make you take a deep look at your life and give you the tools you need to be successful. I am so thankful for Pam. 🙏🏻 She has changed my life and I am forever grateful. I look forward to our weekly coaching sessions and my journey of becoming the person God has always wanted me to be. "

Marina from California
Nurse & Network Marketer

"This was awesome. Thank you. I’ve never been good at self assessment and goal setting. It really got me thinking about the questions we went through. And writing my answers down on paper was good. My biggest aha is learning to find balance in my life and my personal and professional goals."

Colleen from California
Vice President in Banking

"I did the 1:1 coaching with Pam and it was amazing!!! The Ah-ha that I had...priceless. She is just so brilliant at this!!! She defined this in a way that I was never able to. And with this clarity, I can be mindful and use the tools she taught me to improve my life"

Suzanne from Hawaii
Realtor and Project Manager

"Here’s the thing I am impressed with most…. How in such a short time we were able to uncover the areas I am strong in and the areas I need to focus on. Love the action steps I can take to move me towards HIGH PERFORMANCE. Thank you so much. Amazing. Love, love, love!"

Laura from New York
Online Business Owner

"This makes me think and makes me focus on what I feel is important."

Carol from California
Board Chairman and Volunteer

"Pam is one of those coaches who should be a coach. She's focused, has empathy and creates a space that gives her clients room to create action. I'm currently going through some major life changes after ending my marriage of 20 years. With Pam at my side to keep me focused on creating a high impact life, I have found myself defining my goals and working towards them successfully. In addition, Pam has made sure I have a life outside of work. Looking at my hobbies, health & fitness, and overall stress levels. I highly recommend working with Pam Fischer to attain clarity, focus and to put your plans into action. She's my unfair advantage, a not so secret weapon, in my current and upcoming successes."

Paula from Canada
Artist and Author

"My weekly calls with Pam are my most coveted non negotiable. She is a natural coach and magically draws out the best of me and helps me to see myself as I truly am. And with empathy she allows me the space to put it all back together again with clarity, focus and direction. At a time when I'm going through major changes, having Pam at my side has given me the confidence and tools to make big decisions for the high performance life I'm creating. If I could, I'd keep her all to myself, but she's way too valuable and so I'll have to share her with the world. Pam Fischer you have changed my life... thank you!! It is an honour to work with you and I can't recommend you highly enough!"

Leigh from the UK
Painter and Entrepreneur

"I really enjoyed working with Pam to reduce my overwhelm and focus on the important things rather than on every little thing. What I loved about working with Pam was how she went out of her way to put me at ease. She didn't rush me and there was no pressure, she did some of the tasks with me and left me with some great actionable steps that I have incorporated into my daily routine. I would highly recommend working with Pam, she really is great at getting to the core of what's holding you back and helping you put a plan of action in place so you can finally believe in yourself and move forward in your zone of genius. Stop sitting on the fence, you won't regret it."

Mandy from the UK
Writer & Designer

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